4X Faster, 4X Better: Wonder Wheel's Digital Marketing Transformation with Bulk Image Editing

Turkey's Leading Digital Agency: Capitalizing on AI to Speed-up eCommerce Product Marketing
Published on Dec 01, 2023 by
Zuri Petit

In this case study, we spotlight Wonder Wheel, a front-runner agency in Turkey's digital marketing world, and its strategic use of Crop.photo to slash eCommerce imagery turnaround by 4X, from 4 days to under an hour. The agency efficiently processes around 2500 images monthly, adeptly serving a diverse clientele.

Bulk Image Editing Status
Bulk Image Editing Counter

Their Challenge

High Volume Image Post-Production

Producing over 2500 images per month for diverse eCommerce clients posed a significant time challenge for designers & retouchers reliant on manual image editing techniques.

High Volume Image Post-Production

Diverse Client Requirements

Each client presented specific image standards and specifications, presented a complex challenge. Balancing these diverse requirements while maintaining high-quality output was a constant hurdle

Diverse Client Requirements

Efficiency and Speed

With the rapid pace of online retail, the agency grappled with the challenge of delivering quick turnarounds without sacrificing the quality of their image output, a critical factor in maintaining client satisfaction and competitive edge in the digital marketplace

Efficiency and Speed

About Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a versatile marketing agency dedicated to creating vibrant and engaging experiences for its clients, including Monster Energy, Inbody and more. They pride themselves on offering 360-degree services, including digital marketing, event management, 3D modeling, web and mobile design, and social media management.

Their commitment to creating immersive experiences and comprehensive solutions defines their approach to client engagement and project delivery.


Wonder Wheel embraced Crop.photo, utilizing its AI capabilities for swift, content-aware resizing, reducing image editing time from 8 hours to 10 minutes for a batch of 100 product images. This solution standardized diverse eCommerce images, bypassing manual edits and costly external services. Crop.photo's user-friendly platform efficiently handled a broad spectrum of client images, enhancing their online presentation.

For example, the retouching team working for a fashion retail client, set up an automation for background removal to showcase apparel in front of a distraction-free white background.

Retouching team working for a fashion retail clien

Similarly, while working for a sneaker brand, Wonder Wheel’s team used the flat lay automation to auto align product photos and replace the backgrounds to be consistent.

Editing for a sneaker brand,

In each case, Crop.photo's AI-driven platform enabled efficient and high-quality image processing, perfectly aligned with the specific needs of Wonder Wheel's diverse ecommerce clientele.


  • Streamlined Workflows: Crop.photo significantly streamlined the image editing process, enabling the team to manage and edit large batches with over 100s of images in less than 15 minutes instead of spending a whole day editing.
  • Adaptability to Client Needs: With Crop.photo, Wonder Wheel could easily tailor their image editing to meet the specific requirements of each eCommerce client.
  • Increased Productivity: The agency reported a 4X  increase in productivity, with the ability to process images faster and more consistent quality.

Impact and Conclusion

The integration of Crop.photo into Wonder Wheel's marketing services has not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also bolstered their ability to serve a diverse range of eCommerce clients with varying image editing needs at short notice especially for the busy holiday season. This case study demonstrates the transformative impact of AI-powered tools like Crop.photo in speeding-up image editing workflows, particularly in the fast-paced realm of eCommerce marketing.

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