Batch Remove Backgrounds From Images: A Complete Guide

Streamlined Batch Background Removal with - Transforming Your Images in Just a Few Clicks
Published on Sep 27, 2023 by
Zuri Petit

Removing backgrounds from image collections can be an incredibly tedious and time-consuming task. But it doesn't have to be.

With the right tools, you can streamline the process and tackle multiple photos all at once. 

This comprehensive guide will explore how to batch remove backgrounds from images. You'll learn about the best tools and how they work.

Introduction to Batch Removing Backgrounds

Batch Removing Backgrounds

Before we check out the top tools and the step-by-step guide, let's start with the basics.

Automated vs. Manual Background Removal

When people talk about manually removing backgrounds from images, they mostly refer to Adobe Photoshop.

Sure, Photoshop's "Remove Background" Quick Action can work well for white backgrounds. However, in other cases, you might need to use other time-consuming tools, like the Eraser or the Lasso.

The Eraser tool can selectively delete the pixels on the background layer, changing them to transparent.

Meanwhile, the Lasso tool provides more control for challenging tasks. You can use it to trace the main element, invert the selection, and delete the background. 

Now imagine tackling hundreds of photos this way. That would take up so much time.

That's where automated AI-powered background removers come in. These tools use advanced algorithms to detect and delete backgrounds instantly, even for batches of images.

Why Remove Backgrounds in Batches?

People in a wide range of fields can benefit from the AI-powered tools that remove background from image files in bulk.

It's particularly useful in, but not limited to, the following use cases:

  • E-commerce
  • Photography and Media Production 
  • Sports
  • School Events

Top Tools for Removing Backgrounds

Top Tools for Removing Backgrounds

Here are some efficient solutions that will save you the hassle of manual background removal: is an ideal tool for removing backgrounds from images in bulk. This AI-powered tool can handle product images, people, animals, and even tricky elements like hair!

Naturally, it's also a suitable choice if you want to batch remove white background images.

Its workflow is flexible, too. While the tool is AI-powered, it still lets you tweak things around yourself. So, if it misses any tiny bits around the edges, you can touch them up using the "Cleanup" feature.

But the tool does more than just background removal—it also offers one-click automations for content-aware scaling.

Overall, is intuitive, fast, and suitable for processing batch uploads. Get started with the free version and see for yourself! is yet another popular option, and it's quite straightforward.

It's possible to work on the site. But, for multi-image projects, you might need to download their desktop app.

Photoshop Scripts

You could also download a Photoshop script to process batches. Still, manual retouching is often more challenging than using dedicated online tools.

Photoshop Scripts

All in all, this alternative method is suitable for advanced users who plan to continue using Photoshop in their workflow.

How to Remove Background Batches: Step-by-Step Guide is super intuitive, and you'll get the hang of it in no time.

Here's how the process should go:

1. Create a Account

Go to and sign up for the free trial. You don't need a credit card to access the tool at all!

2. Open the Bulk Image Background Remover Tool

From the homepage, click on any of the automations such as "Auto Align & Center”" to launch the automated workflow.

3. Adjust the Background Image Settings

The tool will prompt you to configure the retouching settings. Here, you can also choose to replace the background in the batch as well.

For instance, you can make the background transparent, white, or any other solid color. Plus, it's possible to use a custom image as a replacement background.

4. Tweak Additional Features

Next, you'll get to tweak the resize and margin settings. This feature allows you to scale and reposition objects like products or people.

Of course, you can disable the "Content-Aware Resize" if you just want to batch remove image backgrounds. But we'd recommend resizing—they just go hand-in-hand.

You might also like to toggle on the "Drop Shadow" feature to enhance the image. 

5. Choose Size Outputs

The last setting to adjust is the output, where you can select multiple sizes for the finished images.

However, if you just want to match the input size on the source images, choose "Original."

6. Review the settings and Upload Your Batch 

Finally, you'll get to upload the batch.'s interface supports drag-and-drop, so this should be fairly easy.

Don't worry if you think you've made any mistakes while adjusting the settings. You'll be able to review (and edit) the configuration on the upload page.

7. Let the Tool Do Its Magic

Once your images are done uploading, click on "Start Crop," and the tool will begin automatically removing backgrounds based on your configured settings.

8. Download the Edited Photos

Once processing is over, you can preview each result and tweak them if needed.

Happy with the results? Select the final images with transparent backgrounds to download them all at once.

9. Customize Your Interface

If you plan on using's bulk image background removal tool more than once, we'd recommend exploring the themes.

The interface is available in light, dark, and mid-grey modes. Try them and find something that's easy on your eyes!

Troubleshooting Tips for Removing Backgrounds in Bulk

Don't worry if an error message pops up while using's bulk background remover. Odds are, there's a simple fix.

Here's how to handle the common issues:

"Not Enough Balance" Error Message

Not Enough Balance Error Message

This error means that you've depleted your credits. Currently, free trials only cover five removals.

Consider upgrading your subscription plan for a larger quota.

Upload Errors

If the tool shows an error during upload, double-check that your files are JPEG, PNG, or WebP. Make sure they're all under 25 MB, too.

Slow Processing Time

Test your internet speed and disable your VPN to fix performance issues.

Note that the AI model takes 30–40 seconds to initialize, regardless of the batch size. That's why it's often wiser to load batches of 9+ images to make the most out of the initialization time.


Using, you can save time and effort on image retouching and background removal.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions about using for batch background removal.