Slash Costs:  Automated Bulk On-Model Photos for Retail/Wholesale

Need tons of fashion images for your wholesale channels? Use our lightning-fast unrecognizable face cropping and background removal tool to speed up production.

Automate Product Images For Fashion Wholesale Distribution - Main Image

Unrecognizable Face Crops, Quick

For wholesale retouching teams, creating unrecognizable face crop images most retail marketplaces require is a time suck. uses AI face recognition technology to automate on-model crops of fashion photos using markers. Just tell us where you want to crop, such as “between eyes & nose” or “above the lips” and we’ll do the rest.

Automate Product Images For Fashion Wholesale Distribution - Face Crops/Quick

Remove Or Replace Background In Bulk

Most retail marketplaces have requirements for what the background of fashion images should be, but removing & replacing backgrounds from product images - especially around things like the model’s hair - can be painstaking work even for the most proficient Photoshoppers. 

With’s AI-powered background removal & replacement tool, what used to take a day to get done can happen in minutes!

Add Some Human Help With Our Background Cleanup Tool

Our AI perfectly removes your backgrounds almost all the time, but sometimes it needs a little human help.

If you have challenging backgrounds, such as ones where the subject and background objects like props are low contrast, there might be a couple errant pixels.

No need to fire up Photoshop! Just use our cleanup tool to add or remove anything you want to fix. We’ll even automatically re-create all the sizes you selected when you’re done.

One Click Resize For Retail Marketplaces

Manually resizing your images to meet retail marketplace requirements is tedious, but our AI makes it painless. Upload all your images at once and resize them in a single click.

The best part is that you can combine our automations so that you can create unrecognizable crops, remove backgrounds, and resize your images all at once.

Our content-aware Smart Resizer will make sure that the most important areas of your product images don’t get cut off.

Trusted by the world’s largest retailers, wholesalers, and marketplace sellers!

Thanks,, for saving me from my bad photoshop skills. I just upload my fashion images and voilà I get my unrecognizable shots done in a hurry!

Gabriel Wong

Sr. Retoucher's retouching automation is a game changer! Effortless and perfect edits every time. Love it!

Ava Patel

Production Assistant

With, we get our retouching done in half the time without compromising on quality. The productivity boost is incredible, thanks!

Isabella Davis

Digital Asset Manager

We used to rely on manual retouching firms, but's AI is just as good, if not better! Plus, it's faster, more affordable, & available 24/7. Can't recommend it enough!

Lucas Johnson

Dir. Creative Operations

Processing on-model images with hairs and props in bulk has never been easier or more accurate. So much better than using Photoshop!

Kavya Sharma

Sr. Retoucher

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