Learn more about our offering and services.

Can I try Crop.photo before I buy?

Absolutely! We offer a free trial so you can experience the power of our AI-driven bulk image cropping. See how it revolutionizes your workflow before making a purchase.

What kind of support does Crop.photo offer?

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or address concerns. Just a chat away, we're here to help you fully utilize and make the most of our revolutionary bulk image editing tool.

How much time can I save with Crop.photo's bulk image editing?

Depending on the volume, you can save hours or even days of manual editing. Our AI-powered tool processes hundreds of images in minutes, speeding up your workflow.

What kind of images are suitable for bulk image cropping?

Our bulk image cropping tool is designed to handle on-model photos, product shots, volume photography, eCommerce product images, headshots, and more. If you have specific requirements or unique image types, feel free to test a few with our free plan or contact our support team via chat.

Can I crop high-resolution images?

Absolutely! Our bulk image cropping tool is equipped to handle high-resolution images, ensuring that quality is maintained throughout the cropping process. Whether it's professional photography or detailed product shots, our AI-powered tool can process high-resolution images with precision and efficiency.

Can I upload multiple images at once?

Yes, our bulk image cropping tool is specifically designed to allow you to upload and process multiple images simultaneously.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime. The changes will take effect at the end of the billing cycle.

Can I cancel anytime? What’s your refund policy?

You may cancel the service at any time. If on a subscription, unused amounts remain in your account until the term's end (annual or monthly), with no refund mechanism. If unhappy with the results, contact our support team via chat. Feel free to try the free plan before subscribing.

What if I am not thrilled with the results?

Our crop service works super well for variety of images. Test a few images to see our AI's quality, then try larger batches. If unsatisfied, our support team is just a chat away.

What happens if I have not used the quota of images per my subscription plan?

Each paid subscription plan includes a set number of complimentary crops every month or year, depending on the plan you choose. Any unused quota of images expires at the end of the term.

What if I run out of my plan quota for a given month?

Don't worry, we won't stop you from processing additional images beyond your quota. These will be billed at your tier's per-crop rate at the end of the month. Expecting to process more? Upgrade your plan easily for the next billing cycle.

How are payments processed?

We use Stripe.com’s secure payment gateway for all credit card payments.