Smarter than Photoshop
Content Aware Scaling for eCommerce Images

Elevate eCommerce photos, especially flat lays, with's Content-Aware Scaling. Effortlessly resize bulk product imagery, ensuring perfect fit to target aspect ratio while preserving product details.

An image displaying a list of men's Nike shoes, showcasing various designs and styles available for purchase, enhanced with content-aware scaling.An image featuring a list of men's Nike shoes in various styles and designs, without content-aware scaling enhancement.
An image displaying margin settings options, allowing users to adjust spacing in a document or interface, with content-aware scaling technology incorporated.An image showing a downward-pointing arrow indicating direction or navigation, enhanced with content-aware scaling technology.An arrow curving down to the right, suggesting a downward trajectory or direction, is commonly analyzed using content-aware scaling.

No More Style Mishaps:
Auto Align Your Flat Lays

If you've got a wild mix of vendor styles, aspect ratios, backgrounds, and wonky product alignments, fear not! Our AI will transform your bulk product images into stunningly aligned masterpieces with uniform backgrounds, all tailored to meet your marketplace standards.

Guides And Margins
Made Easy with AI

Set up the guides with our margin settings. Then, let our AI content-aware Scale & Resize feature use your presets to perfectly align product images in bulk within the aspect ratio.

Content Aware
Bulk Resizing

Tired of juggling different aspect ratios for various marketplaces? Automate the mind-numbing task of scaling and resizing product images in bulk by using our Content-Aware Resizer.

Combine It With
Background Remover

While there may be numerous run-of-the-mill online tools for background removal, none can match the magic of our unique combination: content-aware scaling with background removal.

Picture this: you'll be saving a whopping 8-10 minutes per image by ditching the tedious manual work.

Content Aware Scale That's Trusted by the World's Largest Ecommerce Stores

Thanks,, for saving me from my bad photoshop skills. I just upload my fashion images and voilà I get my unrecognizable shots done in a hurry!

Gabriel Wong

Sr. Retoucher's retouching automation is a game changer! Effortless and perfect edits every time. Love it!

Ava Patel

Production Assistant

With, we get our retouching done in half the time without compromising on quality. The productivity boost is incredible, thanks!

Isabella Davis

Digital Asset Manager

We used to rely on manual retouching firms, but's AI is just as good, if not better! Plus, it's faster, more affordable, & available 24/7. Can't recommend it enough!

Lucas Johnson

Dir. Creative Operations

Processing on-model images with hairs and props in bulk has never been easier or more accurate. So much better than using Photoshop!

Kavya Sharma

Sr. Retoucher

Colored 'previous' icon leading to testimonials from diverse clients, optimized by ai crop to cater to clients' needs.Colored 'next' icon leading to testimonials from diverse clients, facilitated by crop ai to meet clients' needs.

Start Now With Crop.Photo FAQs

Learn more about our offering and services.
How does's content-aware scaling simplify the resizing process for eCommerce images compared to traditional methods? automates the bulk resizing process for eCommerce images. Compared to traditional methods, our content aware scaling detects the products in flat lays and ensures that they remain centered for any aspect ratio as per marketplace requirements.

Can's content-aware scale effectively handle various aspect ratios and product alignments in bulk image resizing?'s content aware AI detects subjects in images, allowing it to centrally align products regardless of the aspect ratio. It can output images in various dimensions or aspect ratios to meet specific eCommerce requirements and marketplace standards, ensuring consistency and precision across all images.

What advantages does's content-aware resizing offer for eCommerce images, particularly in terms of preserving product details and uniform backgrounds?'s content aware AI accurately detects product edges in flat lays and avoids any awkward crops. Combine content aware resizing with our background removal tool to get uniform backgrounds.

How does's AI content-aware scaling feature integrate margin settings and guides to ensure precise alignment during bulk image resizing?

You can setup guides and margins using our settings wizard to perfectly align images within the required aspect ratio for all your eCommerce images.

What are the time-saving benefits of combining's content-aware scaling with background removal for eCommerce images, and how does this process improve efficiency?

Compared to traditional manual editing, you'll be saving 8-10 minutes per image by using's content aware resizer and background removal automations. is designed for high-volume image processing which drastically improves efficiency for creative teams.