Lifestyle Product Photography:
Easy AI Zoom, No Background Worries

Dive into the future of cropping for Lifestyle Products Photos. Ensure your products stand out without the hassle of background removal. Ideal for eCommerce Images, Display Ads & Banners.

AI Photo crop

Your Lifestyle Products,
Your Focus

Cropping huge batches of photos takes a ton of time, even for the most experienced Photoshop whizz. chops that down to seconds, giving you the ability to set up your own crop templates with relative margins and using AI to detect faces or objects such as your products.

Lifestyle Product Photos
Background Removal

With our AI at your service, there's no need to fuss over backgrounds in your Lifestyle Product Photos.
Whether resizing or zooming, the backdrop stays intact, ensuring every shot remains pristine.

AI Auto
Background Fill

When resizing your Lifestyle Products Photos and you're short on pixels, our Generative AI will intuitively extend or fill in the missing or incomplete backgrounds, ensuring a natural and cohesive backdrop every time.

Coming soon

Craft Stunning
Lifestyle Backgrounds with AI

Take your Lifestyle Products Photos to the next level. Soon, with just simple prompts akin to ChatGPT, our generative AI will craft breathtaking lifestyle backgrounds tailored for your images, ensuring every visual is distinct and top-tier.

More Features to Make Lifestyle Photo Editing a Breeze

Maximize the potential of your Lifestyle Products Photos when you merge Lifestyle Crop Automation with other features in From content-aware scaling to multiple resizes, make every product photo a masterpiece.

Trusted by the largest lifestyle retailers, wholesalers, and marketplace sellers!

Thanks,, for saving me from my bad photoshop skills. I just upload my fashion images and voilà I get my unrecognizable shots done in a hurry!

Gabriel Wong

Sr. Retoucher's retouching automation is a game changer! Effortless and perfect edits every time. Love it!

Ava Patel

Production Assistant

With, we get our retouching done in half the time without compromising on quality. The productivity boost is incredible, thanks!

Isabella Davis

Digital Asset Manager

We used to rely on manual retouching firms, but's AI is just as good, if not better! Plus, it's faster, more affordable, & available 24/7. Can't recommend it enough!

Lucas Johnson

Dir. Creative Operations

Processing on-model images with hairs and props in bulk has never been easier or more accurate. So much better than using Photoshop!

Kavya Sharma

Sr. Retoucher

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Learn more about our offering and services.
Can's AI handle mass Lifestyle photo editing efficiently?

Yes, our bulk image cropping tool is specifically designed to allow you to upload and process multiple images simultaneously.

What specific benefits does offer for Lifestyle product photos, compared to traditional editing methods?

Depending on the volume, you can save hours or even days of traditional manual editing. Our AI-powered automation can process hundreds of images in minutes, speeding up your workflow.

Can automatically fill in missing or incomplete backgrounds in Lifestyle photos?

Yes, our Lifestyle Crop Automation tool utilizes Generative AI features, such as Generative Fill, to fill in or expand missing backgrounds. This feature adjusts to fit various image dimensions, enhancing the overall presentation of your photos.

Can's AI-driven Lifestyle photo editing technology detect and optimize specific features such as faces or products?

Yes, is content aware and uses advanced AI algorithms to detect distinct elements in subjects such as facial features, body markers and product outlines.This enables precise cropping, resizing and background removal.

How does utilize AI for Lifestyle product image editing, with the background preserved?'s content aware AI automatically identifies the main subject from its background in images. This allows for the background to be preserved, while cropping around the subject for various e-commerce platforms.