Headless Face Crop

Automating unrecognizable on-model crops using face markers with AI
Published on Oct 14, 2023 by
Rahul Bhargava

What is Headless Crop?

Headless Crop is a specialized feature geared primarily towards the retail/wholesale and fashion industries. It purposefully crops out the faces of models to focus viewer attention on the products. This not only keeps the audience focused on the item but also eliminates the need to pay royalties to models or agencies when distributing the images across various wholesale channels like e-commerce marketplaces.

When to use Headless Crop?

E-commerce use-cases that need to crop the top portion of the face or a model's body in order to turn the model's image into an unrecognizable face for examples -

Example 1: Unrecognizable crop using Between eyes & nose face marker  

Recommended settings for AI

Suitable for

  1. Fashion E-commerce Catalogs: To emphasize the clothes and accessories over the models.
  2. Wholesale Product Listings: To prevent any licensing or royalty issues with models when sharing photos across multiple platforms.
  3. Print Advertising: Where the focus needs to be on the product rather than the individual wearing it.
  4. Social Media Campaigns: To abide by privacy regulations or to make posts less personalized and more focused on products.
  5. Stock Photography: For generic shots that can be widely used without worrying about model releases.
  6. Retail Billboards: For large-scale advertising where the product needs to take center stage.
  7. Digital Marketing Assets: To keep the focus on the product for online ads and banners.
  8. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: For promotional material where you'd like to draw attention to your products, not the people presenting them.
  9. Educational Material for Fashion Design: To emphasize the design and cut of the clothing in instructional content.
  10. Legal Compliance: For adhering to strict image usage laws and regulations that require anonymizing individuals in pictures.

How to Configure Headless Crop?

Step-by-Step Guide for generating Headless Shots

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of Headshot Shots, do yourself a favor and check out our Getting Started Guide. Trust us, it'll make the journey ahead a smooth ride!

Step 1: Create Headless Face Crop Automation

Click on the "Headless Crop" automation option, designed for unrecognizable headless face crops in bulk.

Step 2: Configure a Crop Marker for Images with Faces

In the next couple of steps you will be configuring the crop configuration using pre-existing preview images from our collection.

Learn more about preview or sample images used by Crop.photo here.

All the examples below use our Preview image to help you setup the crop.

The crop markers serve as a reference point in your image. For example, Nose, is a stand-in for a mask that covers the area around a person's nose.

In the next step you will setup the cropping mask using the selected marker as the reference point.

You will end up with an output image that just contains the top portion above the nose. Everything below the nose will be removed:

If you set the Crop side to Bottom you will end up with the an output image that contains the bottom portion above the nose. Everything above the nose will be removed:

Quick Tip: To create unrecognizable model faces for eCommerce, you will want to often set the face marker to Between the eyes & nose

You can change the size of the cropping mask using the Crop size UI control. This allows you to compose your crop with the desired area of interest. For example, to remove the left and right of the image, you could set the Left and Right to 70%:

Move to the Next Step: Click "Next" to proceed.

Learn more about face markers.

Step 3: Background - Replace or Not

Keep Background Intact: To retain the background, make sure to uncheck the "Remove Background" checkbox or if you wish to  replace it, use one of the option.

Learn more about background settings.

Click "Next."

Step 4: Output Size

Choose Output Size: Select your preferred custom output sizes. You can add multiple output sizes for convenience.

Learn more about outputs.

Step 5: Upload & Start Crop

Click "Next" to proceed and start uploading your images.

  1. Review and Start Cropping: Review the configuration on the left and once the files are uploaded, click "Start Crop" to kick off the automation
  2. Wait for Cropping to Complete: Allow the system to complete the crops. This may take a minute or two depending on the number of files.

    Note: The initial startup time for our AI models is typically 30s-1min independent of number of images. So 1 or 10 images may take similar time.

Learn more about how to upload your images.

Step 6: Download Your Crops

Once cropping is done, click "Download all" to obtain all your headshot extracts.  

Learn more about downloads.

Tips and Tricks 🌟

  • Background has errant pixels?: If the output still contains undesired background, use our time-saver background cleanup tool to fix this pesky pixels. You will still save 8-9 minutes over trying to do the same in Photoshop!
  • Reuse Configurations: You can easily duplicate the settings for a future project. This feature saves you time by avoiding the need to redo your configurations.

Still Facing Issues?

If you're not achieving the desired results, don't worry. Reach out to us through the in-app chat icon. Our AI experts are available to assist you in real-time and will guide you through the process. They will guide you through the process to ensure a successful outcome, helping you complete your tasks without any obstacles.

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