Announcing the Private Beta

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Published on Mar 31, 2022 by
Brian Ahearn

We’re super excited to launch the private beta of Our mission is to make it ludicrously easy to use AI to automate repetitive media workflow tasks such as image cropping. grew out of our experience building Media Asset Management solutions at Evolphin. Our team spent countless hours developing AI-based features for our flagship product, Evolphin Zoom. Today, we take the first step of leveraging our AI Face Detection technology to bring image face cropping automation to everyone.

After engaging with dozens of our customers with similar challenges, we set out to create the simplest and most intuitive AI-based image cropping app for faces, on the planet! The features we are personally most enthused about include:

  • Using AI Face detection to automatically select image crop markers such as nose, eyes, chin, or even the whole face
  • Create your own automations using the image crop configurations that you can apply again and again to unlimited batches of images
  • Lightning fast face detection and automatic cropping of faces in your images without lifting a finger
  • Fast upload of large volume of high-res images from your desktop to our cloud service using our accelerated file transfer feature

These are just a handful of the features we’ve been chipping away on and we’ll be sharing more and more over the coming months.

We’ll be inviting select customers to start using today. Be sure to check out our app in action by signing up for our beta. You can provide feedback directly within our app using our custom chat-box.

The beta program provides users with early access to new features and the chance to discuss them directly with's creators, giving them the opportunity to shape the direction of the product.

We're looking for beta testers who will take the time to give us detailed feedback - both on their experience using new features, and filing bug reports.
It is important to note that beta is a non-production version of the application and as such may contain features that will change or possibly be removed from the development pipeline altogether. Additionally, beta software may contain cosmetic or functional errors that could impact your production. It is recommended that the beta application not be used in mission-critical production environments in order to minimize any chances of impact to your production work.